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Marshall County, Tennessee



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ball, Adda Lee  1869Marshall County, Tennessee I3447 new 
2 Ball, Mattie  1866Marshall County, Tennessee I3446 new 
3 Ball, Richard Wayne  21 Aug 1868Marshall County, Tennessee I2369 new 
4 Ball, Robert Eldridge  13 Oct 1899Marshall County, Tennessee I2707 new 
5 Ball, Sallie Ann  23 Oct 1877Marshall County, Tennessee I2371 new 
6 Ball, William  1862Marshall County, Tennessee I3445 new 
7 Cole, Andrew Jackson  03 Apr 1842Marshall County, Tennessee I3859 new 
8 Cole, Inda  25 Jan 1870Marshall County, Tennessee I3925 new 
9 Cole, Lillie Elizabeth  27 Jan 1872Marshall County, Tennessee I3924 new 
10 Cole, Mattie Florence  30 Dec 1874Marshall County, Tennessee I3863 new 
11 Davis, Annie M.  1902Marshall County, Tennessee I3679 new 
12 Davis, Ella  Jun 1887Marshall County, Tennessee I3677 new 
13 Davis, Ida  25 Mar 1870Marshall County, Tennessee I2397 new 
14 Davis, James B  Jan 1844Marshall County, Tennessee I1832 new 
15 Davis, John H.  1850Marshall County, Tennessee I3656 new 
16 Davis, Joseph B.  1851Marshall County, Tennessee I3657 new 
17 Davis, Lemuel Watson  29 Jul 1862Marshall County, Tennessee I3404 new 
18 Davis, Mary Jane  01 Jan 1849Marshall County, Tennessee I3655 new 
19 Davis, Mattie Georgie  Oct 1895Marshall County, Tennessee I3410 new 
20 Davis, Minnie  1897Marshall County, Tennessee I3420 new 
21 Davis, N B  1871Marshall County, Tennessee I3660 new 
22 Davis, Ottis  1900Marshall County, Tennessee I3422 new 
23 Davis, Raymond  1906Marshall County, Tennessee I3413 new 
24 Davis, Rebecca Ann  27 Mar 1847Marshall County, Tennessee I3654 new 
25 Davis, Richard  1913Marshall County, Tennessee I3415 new 
26 Davis, Robert  1904Marshall County, Tennessee I3412 new 
27 Davis, Robert E.  Dec 1878Marshall County, Tennessee I2395 new 
28 Davis, Roy   I3421 new 
29 Davis, Samuel Andrew "Dutch"  08 Sep 1863Marshall County, Tennessee I3405 new 
30 Davis, Samuel Clarence  1890Marshall County, Tennessee I3418 new 
31 Davis, Sarah Elizabeth  28 Oct 1867Marshall County, Tennessee I2706 new 
32 Davis, Walter  15 Nov 1893Marshall County, Tennessee I3419 new 
33 Davis, William Carl  Aug 1899Marshall County, Tennessee I3407 new 
34 Davis, William Henry  17 Aug 1843Marshall County, Tennessee I3653 new 
35 Fulton, Mary Elizabeth  31 Oct 1841Marshall County, Tennessee I4018 new 
36 Hopkins, Mary Francis   I3325 new 
37 Horton, Clementine Lucinda  30 Dec 1877Marshall County, Tennessee I2717 new 
38 Joyce, Cecil Jackson   I3866 new 
39 Joyce, Clair Thomas   I3865 new 
40 Joyce, James Fulton  03 Mar 1857Marshall County, Tennessee I3965 new 
41 Joyce, John Franklin  26 Oct 1859Marshall County, Tennessee I3966 new 
42 Joyce, Mary J.  30 Mar 1862Marshall County, Tennessee I3967 new 
43 Joyce, Thomas Brittain  14 Jan 1865Marshall County, Tennessee I3899 new 
44 Joyce, William Anderson  12 Apr 1871Marshall County, Tennessee I3907 new 
45 Lague, Clarence  Nov 1893Marshall County, Tennessee I3524 new 
46 Lague, David  1879Marshall County, Tennessee I3531 new 
47 Lague, Fannie  Apr 1883Marshall County, Tennessee I3520 new 
48 Lague, Female  Apr 1889Marshall County, Tennessee I3522 new 
49 Lague, Harry  Nov 1891Marshall County, Tennessee I3523 new 
50 Lague, Nora  16 Dec 1877Marshall County, Tennessee I2718 new 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ball, Richard  Bef 1920Marshall County, Tennessee I253 new 
2 Ball, Richard Wayne  19 Apr 1950Marshall County, Tennessee I2369 new 
3 Batte, Louise   I3868 new 
4 Cole, Andrew Jackson  08 Oct 1908Marshall County, Tennessee I3859 new 
5 Cole, Inda  25 Jan 1870Marshall County, Tennessee I3925 new 
6 Cole, John  12 Jan 1859Marshall County, Tennessee I3915 new 
7 Cole, Lethe Ann  17 Mar 1870Marshall County, Tennessee I3920 new 
8 Cole, Lillie Elizabeth  10 Sep 1925Marshall County, Tennessee I3924 new 
9 Cole, Mattie Florence  1928Marshall County, Tennessee I3863 new 
10 Davis, Annie M.  Bef 1920Marshall County, Tennessee I3679 new 
11 Davis, James  Bef 1900Marshall County, Tennessee I249 new 
12 Davis, James B  Abt 1911Marshall County, Tennessee I1832 new 
13 Davis, Mary Jane  17 Oct 1923Marshall County, Tennessee I3655 new 
14 Davis, Rebecca Ann  25 May 1928Marshall County, Tennessee I3654 new 
15 Davis, Samuel Andrew "Dutch"  15 Nov 1931Marshall County, Tennessee I3405 new 
16 Davis, Sarah Elizabeth  05 Apr 1938Marshall County, Tennessee I2706 new 
17 Fulton, James  06 Oct 1843Marshall County, Tennessee I4017 new 
18 Fulton, Mary Elizabeth  30 Jan 1916Marshall County, Tennessee I4018 new 
19 Griffin, William Lee  Bef 1930Marshall County, Tennessee I3969 new 
20 Haddock, Martha Elizabeth  Aft 1880Marshall County, Tennessee I3661 new 
21 Joyce, Clair Thomas   I3865 new 
22 Joyce, Harry Clayton   I3864 new 
23 Joyce, James Fulton  21 Oct 1904Marshall County, Tennessee I3965 new 
24 Joyce, Thomas Brittain  1947Marshall County, Tennessee I3899 new 
25 McClaran, Susannah  18 Sep 1859Marshall County, Tennessee I3760 new 
26 Meeks, Pauline  1947Marshall County, Tennessee I3867 new 
27 Meeks, Sue Ella  1931Marshall County, Tennessee I3869 new 
28 Moore, Mary Elizabeth   I4035 new 
29 Perryman, William Franklin  27 Feb 1968Marshall County, Tennessee I4013 new 
30 Phillips, Sara Elizabeth  Bef 1920Marshall County, Tennessee I254 new 
31 Rickman, John  28 Feb 1849Marshall County, Tennessee I3990 new 
32 Rogers, David  1858Marshall County, Tennessee I3427 new 
33 Smith, Elizabeth  09 Aug 1853Marshall County, Tennessee I250 new 
34 Warren, Dicy  08 Oct 1908Marshall County, Tennessee I3917 new 
35 Wortham, Jennie  Bef 1930Marshall County, Tennessee I2396 new 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Harber, Nancy Elizabeth  13 Mar 1870Marshall County, Tennessee I3758 new 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID   Tree 
1 Hopkins, Gifford   I3324 new 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Daughrity, William  1910Marshall County, Tennessee I3997 new 
2 Davis, James Delbert  1880Marshall County, Tennessee I3858 new 
3 Davis, Mary E.  1880Marshall County, Tennessee I3976 new 
4 Davis, Nola Mae  1880Marshall County, Tennessee I3975 new 
5 Davis, Thomas Robert  1880Marshall County, Tennessee I3974 new 
6 Davis, Walter Columbus  1880Marshall County, Tennessee I3973 new 
7 Davis, William Lawson  1880Marshall County, Tennessee I3972 new 
8 Elizabeth  1870Marshall County, Tennessee I3733 new 
9 Fulmon, Roxi  1900Marshall County, Tennessee I3518 new 
10 Lague, J F  1900Marshall County, Tennessee I3517 new 
11 Rickman, Lemiza  1880Marshall County, Tennessee I3914 new 
12 Wortham, Jennie  1910Marshall County, Tennessee I2396 new 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID   Tree 
1 White, Serrul  1843Marshall County, Tennessee I3838 new 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Ball / Alexander  05 Jan 1871Marshall County, Tennessee F1299 new 
2 Ball / Hill  25 Jan 1894Marshall County, Tennessee F922 new 
3 Ball / Horton  23 Dec 1895Marshall County, Tennessee F924 new 
4 Ball / Lague   F931 new 
5 Ball / Rogers  28 Feb 1855Marshall County, Tennessee F242 new 
6 Ball / Thomas  25 Dec 1888Marshall County, Tennessee F923 new 
7 Cole / Davis  21 Jan 1869Marshall County, Tennessee F1319 new 
8 Crowell / Davis  16 Sep 1895Marshall County, Tennessee F1042 new 
9 Daughrity / Davis  Abt 1892Marshall County, Tennessee F1320 new 
10 Davis / Ball  02 May 1902Marshall County, Tennessee F66 new 
11 Davis / Buckingham  25 Feb 1888Marshall County, Tennessee F1256 new 
12 Davis / Haddock  14 Aug 1856Marshall County, Tennessee F210 new 
13 Davis / Miller  13 Jun 1896Marshall County, Tennessee F1254 new 
14 Davis / Wortham  02 May 1900Marshall County, Tennessee F932 new 
15 Farlow / Cole  Abt 1913Marshall County, Tennessee F1398 new 
16 Fulton / Burns  15 Oct 1840Marshall County, Tennessee F1417 new 
17 Griffin / Davis  15 Feb 1902Marshall County, Tennessee F934 new 
18 Hopkins / Brown  05 Jul 1888Marshall County, Tennessee F1464 new 
19 Hopkins / Hester  14 Mar 1849Marshall County, Tennessee F395 new 
20 Hopkins / Reynolds  10 Oct 1877Marshall County, Tennessee F1437 new 
21 Joyce / Cole  24 Nov 1894Marshall County, Tennessee F1393 new 
22 Joyce / Cole  19 Jun 1902Marshall County, Tennessee F1375 new 
23 Neese / Davis  21 Jun 1884Marshall County, Tennessee F1043 new 
24 Reynolds / Hopkins  10 Nov 1880Marshall County, Tennessee F1463 new 
25 Sloane / F  1880Marshall County, Tennessee F440 new